Monday, December 04, 2006

Words of a child under 5 about my water being shut off

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A statement from a child under 5 when told about the situation.

He asked his Parents what do you need water for ? The answer was to make your skin soft and that every living thing
needs it. The child then said what do they think this woman is then?
What Have you done about it ?

I would like to know the answer myself

Maybe all of you should ask children what should you do about the situation. If you had a Swedish friend or relative and denied them water and
how would they react for a while. then tell them about me

I have contacted and other have contacted a few newspapers including the local newspaper in vingåker and Katrineholm . " katrineholms Kuriren". What I am told
is that people would not find this story interesting. I know a few Swedish angels and others are doing the best they can.How can you celebrate Christmas , your Holiday and The New Year without doing the best you can

Just like the statement from Martin Luthur King " INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE "

Things you can do for those without children to ask
while eating drinking water, Christmas and holiday shopping

1. Call or write any newspaper
2.tell any TV station
3. Call or write the human rights organisation OR
Court of Justice in Europe
4.. Write or call Swedish politicians
5. Write or call Amnesty International
6.Think of something yourself or ask someone

I have a ration of 2 ounces or 21cl of drinking water a day sometimes lesss It has been over 5 weeks since it was turned off. I have went to the hospital emergency room and primary care center ( vårdcentral ) and they have said I am sick because of the situation.

Your voice counts mine does not here


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