Monday, October 30, 2006


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Warning only to read by non believers

Questions to you

1. Are you afraid by trying to prove this is not true you will prove the opposite.

2. this burst your belief of Sweden

3. You afraid some how this can happen to you

4. I am just a Woman and we do not count

5. When every plumber that comes to my house cannot fix it without the help
of going down the Community well.I should have made believe that the well was on my property
and not complaint

5. I am a fool to believe in the VA namnden (The Swedish Water Supply and Sewage Tribunal who) encouragement and included all my bills in my case as compensation

6. I should have admitted I owned the pubic sidewalk outside my fence. Under the cement are my pipes .Those trees from the community Forrest are mine and the roots from them in my pipes. THIS IS NOT TRUE BUT SAY IT IS TRUE

7. I should be put in debt on the small pension I got from an injury on a Swedish job because we taxpayer who are foreigners but residents do not have any rights at all.

8. I should NOT have thought that the judge would wait until the the case was settled in the lower court. Which proved that when the plumbers cleans out my plumbing it was still stopped up. Until the community well and pipes were cleaned.


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