Monday, October 30, 2006


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SWEDISH Angels and others

They are people who pop in and out my lifes to help me. They do not stay because they are afraid but know they must do something.
1. making sure my letters are not throw away by goverment employees and others
2. translating a court letter
3. telling someone about the page.
4. The list is endless

I am not blaming you for what is happening in my life because you have done the Best you could. i know what to be afraid is.At least you still have your water.
Many have helped and said they did not believe me at first but went out by trying to help me and found out this is true.

Many it has gotten too much and made you sick because you could not take all the

I think for the bottom of my heart because you did somethings . most people just do nothing. they always hearing about people who said they are against this or that. Now is the time to put it to a test.
I do not want this to happened to another person Swedish or not.

It not human to treated this way


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